Performance Enhancing Program by Rodney & Piëtro Doorjé

In a fast paced and very dynamic environment like nowadays the norm is to be highly motivated, dedicated and focused on precision & performance for the best possible outcome. But at what cause? Do we put product over process or does the journey set the tone for quality, fulfillment and longegevity? During our company clinics we created a method to trigger your inner child and leadership skills. To be able to bond as a team we need vulnerability. In order to understand each other, you need to understand yourself first. This process will lead to  efficiency and effectiveness in optimizing results.

Our vision is clear: since life is about dealing with obstacles rather than avoiding them, we create an environment where obstacles are being embraced rather than approached negatively. Do you also agree that by increasing fitness in mind and body, you will be more effective to share knowledge and experiences? 

Let’s find out together!